Art Education



Menschen suchen nach ihrem Glück is a collaboration between the Kunstverein in Hamburg and local Syrian refugee families to create a forum for discussion and artistic exchange.

In a setting that focuses on contemporary art education, a new context is created to confront the challenges of a life that is still considered to be foreign. In a process that is fractured by cultural stereotypes and misunderstandings, the refugees are both active questioner and respondent.

The front window of the Kunstverein currently exhibits a graph that depicts the number of applications for asylum that were submitted between June 2015 and May 2016. The diagram is interspersed with photographs taken by the participants during workshops, various excursions in the city, visits to exhibitions and other get-togethers that emerged in recent months as part of this collaboration. In these situations the medium of photography became a way to bridge the gap of spoken language, where the camera became a tool for visualizing and communicating one’s own view of the world.

With the kind support of the Hildegard and Horst Roeder-Foundation and the Thomsen-Foundation for Children.

Project team:

Corinna Koch, Susanna Eremjan, Dan Thy Nguyen, Maren Rössler, Daniel Wolff, Sameh Dhambri


Farouk Wali, Youssef Wali, Thouraya Wali, Rym Bilona, Sadik Naja, Iman Naja, Souad Naja, Alaa Naja, Maryem El Abd, Nour Eddin El Aswad, Jihad Elhaj Othman, Lamis Drak Essebaii